Pharmatechnics has been helping companies around Cambridge deliver their product ideas since 2003.

Our staff

Although we have minimal full-time staff, we work with a network of similar small companies and specialists that we regularly call on to deliver just what the client needs. We find this works for everyone as we can provide just the right skill mix with people who really know their stuff, just when it's needed - and as a company we don't have the overhead of people sitting around waiting or learning on the job and pushing our prices up or our timescales out.


We have spent so much time working on real life products that although our learning may have been in "Electronics", "Software" or something similar, we really now class ourselves as "Product engineers with an electronics bias". 

Our real world experience and can help in all stages of the product cycle - from inital concept and feasibility through architecural choices and deciding the splits between hardware, firmware, software or mechanics, then through detailed design, prototyping, verification, pre-production, production, testing, certification and field support.

When to get in touch

If you are making a product, and think you may need some help, please do get in touch as soon as you can - making a demo and an initial prototype is one thing, but making a product that can then be made in vast numbers needs a different mindset that really only comes with experience and "feeling the pain" when things go a little wrong.

Many of our clients initially came to us (or were sent our way - see our "how we do it" page) when they had a prototype and an interested buyer, so suddenly wanted help to "get into production" in a big big hurry, when what they really needed was to take a step back, take a good look at the design and check that it was safe, reliable, repeatable with the range of component tolerances and operating conditions, and most of all, manufacturable and testable using a simple methodology, and then a small amount of help to hand-hold a manufacturing partner into volume.

If you only need a few hours of our time now, then that's fine. We have found that a short initial chat and some pointers to where you can and can't cut corners could save you a lot of time, cost and headache tablets later on when you suddenly get that big lead that is going to make your company a household name.